Cold Brew Coffee

The next generation of cold brew coffee has arrived and it is the best quality cold coffee product that we have ever tasted. Just mix 50ml of concentrate with 200ml of any milk or water, and you have the perfect coffee every time!

Quality: the cold brewing process has gone next level. Years of research and development have resulted in the introduction of grinding, brewing and filtering methods that cannot be matched by cafes and espresso bars. The result is full flavoured cold coffee that is naturally sweet with a perfectly clean finish, every time. The consistency is incredible.

Convenience: Without a doubt the most portable coffee option on the market. Our 2L Cold Coffee Concentrate ready to use it at home, work, sports events, holidays, camping, studying - the options are endless.

What can you make with it: All of your cold coffee drinks. It’s espresso strength so mixes perfectly with any milk or water of your choice: Iced Coffees, Iced Lattes, Iced Long Blacks, to name a few. Just add 50ml of our concentrate to 200ml of any milk or water of your choice and you have a perfect coffee every time.

Espresso Strength: We use our popular Hero Blend coffee along with triple filtered water as the only ingredients (no additives or heating) in making our cold coffee. Our espresso blend provides the same full flavour and balance as with our hot coffee, but the cold brewing process brings out added sweetness with absolutely no bitterness.

Storage: With a shelf life of 3 months (refrigerated) from manufacture, our ready to drink Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is a staple item in your fridge without any risk of it going out of date or losing its quality.