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It takes a village 

Coffee is our specialty and while coffee will always be our hero, people and relationships are what we love the most about our journey taking coffee from farm to the cup. One of our most cherished relationships is with SunnyKids, which began after a conversation with Chappy Dave from Buderim Mountain State School on the Sunshine Coast.

Dave opened our eyes to how SunnyKids provided immediate assistance to children and families in crisis, who he didn’t have the resources to help. The assistance included crucial services such as a domestic violence refuge, emergency financial support, psychologist referrals, mentoring and access to the amazing SunnyKids team. With funding critical to SunnyKids we became business sponsors and also raised additional funds through community events and donation tins. We have been supporting SunnyKids for nearly 10 years. 
SunnyKids supports at-risk children in our Sunshine Coast community. Their vision is for all children to feel safe, belong and have a chance to reach their full potential.

“Regardless of whether a family is going great or doing it tough, the children need the same things… and it always ‘takes a village’ to provide them.” Sally Desch, SunnyKids President.


What’s more, their driving belief is that it requires a community solution where everyone takes responsibility and works together to help address the underlying issues affecting these vulnerable children and families. 

“We want to build a business where we can increase the level of support we provide to our community.  This has always been a key priority for us in our journey as business owners,” John Ratcliffe.


Solid Ground Roasters signature coffee blend, otherwise known as ‘Hero’ has been named in recognition of Chappy Dave from Buderim Mountain State School and the amazing work he does in the community. True to the Solid Ground roots, the beans used in the Hero blend are sourced directly from farms in Columbia, Brazil and Nicaragua where the farmers show the same community focus, proudly farming their coffee using organic methods that will preserve their land for the generations that follow. 

There are so many ways SunnyKids helps children and families to feel good.   We have made ‘feel good’ part of our brand for Solid Ground and have whole heartedly committed to donating $1 from every kilo of coffee we roast to SunnyKids. Better still, we donate $5 to SunnyKids from every kilogram of Hero Blend coffee purchased through one of our online subscriptions. These funds will provide a significant amount of support to at-risk children on the Sunshine Coast.

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