The SECRET to making Consistently High Quality Coffee

If you don't have a recipe for making coffee in your cafe, espresso bar or at home you need one.
When you do have a recipe, it's important that you follow it every single time, for quality and consistency!!!
What's a coffee making recipe? It's the amount of coffee and water that you use, the water temperature, and the time that you let it extract through espresso machines or brew in other coffee making equipment.
The recipe that we provide our wholesale clients to use with our Hero Blend Coffee for their commercial espresso machines is: 20 to 21 grams of coffee, 40 to 42 grams or mils of water, and 30 to 35 seconds to extract. Water temperature of 93 degrees is a good place to start, but small adjustments can result in even better tasting espresso coffee.
We know that our recipe gives the best results for using our Hero Blend Coffee and we want all of our wholesale customers to follow it every single time so that they make consistently high quality coffee.
If you haven't worked out the best recipe for your coffee, you need to, and you need to follow it every time.
If you're a cafe owner or barista your customers will notice the improvement in both quality and consistency, they will purchase more regularly, tell their friends about you, and your sales and business will improve.
Please keep in mind that coffee is an incredibly complex product, that has so many variations from crop to cup, that no coffee blend or single origin coffee are the same. 
Take the time to work out what your best recipe is and follow it every time!!!



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