Needle Coffee Distribution?

We laughed when we first saw the new Needle Coffee Distribution tools hit the market, but always willing to try new innovation we gave it a go.

Firstly do yourself a favour and invest in a dosing ring, it makes the use of the Needle Distributor faster and way less messy. The dosing ring simply raises the height of the edge of the filter basket so coffee doesn't fall over the sides. Then the process is really easy, just move the needles around through the coffee in the basket until you have broken up any clumps of coffee.

Coffee Needle Distribution Tool

By removing the clumps from the coffee before tamping and extracting, you are removing any potential variations in resistance to the water flowing through the coffee puck. This allows the water to flow through the coffee at the same speed, extracting at the same rate through the entire coffee puck. A new level in extraction and consistency?

Yes!!! We immediately noticed an improvement in the consistency of extraction, but more importantly the coffee taste noticeably better. The overall balance of flavours is enhanced and we could consistently achieve a better result using the Needle Distribution Tool.

Coffee Extraction

We are currently using the Needle Distribution Tool at home every day and love it. But is it suitable for a busy cafe environment? Well it is easy to use and we can say with 100% certainty that your coffee will taste better by incorporating the Needle Distribution Tool in your coffee preparation.

So the answer is yes, if your are serious about making the best possible representation of your coffee, have a crack with the Needle Distribution Tool. See if you can integrate it into your current coffee making process to take your coffee to an even higher level.

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