Here comes HULK!

Introducing our new HULK Blend

We have been working closely with our coffee roasters and the amazing team at Kenilworth Bakery to create a new blend of coffee that compliments their incredible range of donuts. Their Espresso and Death before Decaf donuts in particular showcase espresso as a key ingredient.

To say we have had some success is an understatement. HULK Coffee Blend is a chocolate explosion, that is full of flavour with a wonderfully smooth finish. Perfect to wash down a Tim Tam Donut or any of the incredible Kenilworth Bakery Donuts.

In creating HULK Coffee Blend our roasters have used exclusive coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia, and have refined the art of roasting for longer at a lower temperature. The usual characteristics of longer roasted coffee such as a burnt, bitter after taste, are replaced by bold flavours with a smooth finish. 

We have been amazed at how well HULK Coffee Blend ages, and how the darkness created by the longer roast is not visible on the outside of the coffee beans but is instead hidden on the inside. 

HULK is now available at both Kenilworth Country Bakery and Kenilworth Coastal Bakery at The Wharf Mooloolaba. Do yourself a favour and head out to see them and give the HULK, Donut combo at try!!!

You can also be able to purchase it through our online shop.




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