How often should Coffee Shops adjust the Coffee Grind?

Gone are the days when the Coffee Shop owner could set the grind and put the DO NOT TOUCH sign up!

Milk Texture and Latte Art have long been the most recognised skills of your local Barista but the hidden skill that you should appreciate most is the Barista's ability to make small changes to the coffee grind and dose volume, throughout the day.

Ground Coffee reacts to temperature changes and moisture in the air and can go from prefect to terrible within a few minutes of weather conditions changing.


Good Barista training should give the Barista the skills and confidence required to identify when the conditions are changing the coffee grind and make immediate changes to insure the coffee extractions don't deteriorate.

Our Hero Blend is typically at its best with an extraction time of between 30 and 35 seconds. As soon as extractions start consistently hitting 29 to 30 seconds or 35 to 36 seconds the coffee grind needs a small change to make sure extractions don't end up significantly outside of our target time of between 30 and 35 seconds. Too far outside this range and you will start to get excessive sourness or bitterness in the coffee.

In order to successfully manage the coffee grind, the Barista needs to know their recipe (how much coffee they are dosing) and that any change to how fine or course the coffee is being ground, will make a change to the amount of coffee being dosed.

Our wholesale clients dose between 20 and 21 grams of our Hero Blend with a yield of 40 to 42 grams. When the grind is changed the dose will either reduce or increase in weight. Due to this a key component to our Barista training involves educating Barista's to be able to confidently change how course or fine the coffee grind is and how to make a secondary grinder adjustment to the volume of coffee being ground. 

Some Cafe owners don't trust their Barista's to be able to manage the coffee grind which is counter productive and leads to bad extractions and bad coffee. Empowering Barista's to take charge of their equipment, learn their recipes, and confidently make changes leads to greater job satisfaction and consistent amazing tasting coffee.

Let's Train and Trust our Barista's!!!



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