The Coffee Grind Guide

There are many components to making a good coffee, beyond choosing the right coffee beans. The coffee grind is one element that can make a huge difference to the taste and consistency of your coffee. When we talk about coffee grind, we are talking about ground coffee beans and the level of coarseness they have been ground to. When you purchase a coffee at your local cafe, the baristas will ensure the grind is set to the correct coarseness for the optimal cup of coffee. But what happens when you make your coffee at home?

Does the coffee grind matter?

Yes, the coffee grind does matter. The flavour of your coffee is heavily impacted by the coffee grind. You may find if your coffee is tasting a bit acidic or sour, that your grind is too course, however on the flip side if it’s tasting bitter or burnt, your grind may be too fine. Finding the right grind is essential for a smooth, delicious cup of coffee.

Depending on your equipment, you will require a different level of coarseness of the coffee grind. For example, a coffee plunger (or french press) uses an immersion method to extract the coffee, which means the coffee sits in water for a period of time to slowly extract the flavours. This style of coffee requires a more coarse grind to ensure a smooth taste. However, if you were to use an espresso machine where the water passes through the coffee grind for a faster extraction method, a more fine grind is required.

Buying ground coffee vs grinding your coffee at home

There are two options when it comes to using ground coffee at home. You can either ask your local cafe to grind the beans for your, or you can grind them at home.

Benefits of buying ground coffee

Buying ground coffee directly from your local coffee shop is a great way to get the right grind. Speak to your barista about the equipment you are using at home and they will be able to grind the coffee to suit your machine. You can also purchase ground coffee from Solid Ground Roasters. Each of our blends and single origins can be ground to suit your equipment, simply select this option when you add it to the cart! Shop now >

Benefits of grinding your coffee at home

If you have a grinder at home and can achieve the correct level of coarseness for your equipment, grinding your beans yourself is a great option. Freshly ground coffee smells and tastes great, and will enhance the flavour of your coffee. There are a few options when it comes to buying a coffee grinder, from hand grinders to electric, but no matter which one you choose you will need to play around to find the perfect grind setting. You can shop whole coffee beans to grind at home from Solid Ground Roasters, available for all of our blends and single origins. Shop now >


What grind do I need?

If you’re grinding your coffee at home, it’s good to know what kind of grind you will need for your equipment. Use the below as a guide, but follow your tastebuds. If you find the taste is too acidic, make it finer. If it’s too bitter, try increasing the coarseness.


Grind recommendation



Stove top








Cold Brew

Extra coarse

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Caring for your grinder

A clean coffee machine makes better tasting coffee, and this applies to your grinder as well! To ensure you are getting the best tasting coffee, as well as looking after your grinder, make sure you keep it clean. Cleaning instructions for each grinder will vary, so make sure you read the instructions provided.

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