Enjoying Summer with Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

We have had a fun summer enjoying the quality and convenience of our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate.

Our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate has been on quite a journey this Summer. From trips to the beach, long days in the office, much needed holidays, sporting events and all the days that we have been at home, Cold Brew Concentrate has kept us going.

With the advanced cold brewing process our cold coffee is a close to perfect as you can get. Full of flavour and balanced with no bitterness at all. The attention to detail of our brewers combined with their state of the art brewing equipment makes our Cold Brew Concentrate the best that you can buy.

The quality is unquestionable and the convenience is next level. It really is so simple to use,

Cold Use: Add 50ml of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate into a cup, top up with any milk, water or ice, and you are ready to go.

Hot Use: Add 50ml of Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate into a cup, top up with boiling water and a dash of any milk, and you're ready to go.

So much quicker and cleaner than other methods of making coffee and the quality is amazing.

We ship our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate to our retail customers the day that it is brewed to keep the quality and taste profile at its amazing best. Put an order through and let your love affair with Cold Brew Coffee begin.

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