Frozen Coffee Beans

OK so we have recently been converted to keeping our coffee beans for home use in the freezer. It seemed a bit crazy when our coffee roaster started talking it up, but we have given it a crack and it has blown our minds!

Normally we open a 500gm bag of coffee beans at home and it can take 7 to 10 days to work our way through it. During this time the coffee flavours change and can even start to deteriorate with age. Here is where the beauty of frozen coffee beans kicks in. With our Hero Blend Coffee, peak flavour is around 10 days after roast, so we let a 500gm bag age to 10 days and then freeze the entire 500 grams. This effectively traps the 10 day aged flavour and finish into the coffee beans! Take out only what you need for each serving, grind it while still frozen, and keep the rest in the freezer for the same perfect coffee every time. 

You can use vacuum sealed freezer bags however we have found standard zip lock bags work as well as anything and provide a quick way to access your frozen coffee beans when ever you need them.

Frozen Coffee Beans won't work for everyone as a key requirement for doing this successfully is having a zero retention coffee grinder like the Niche Zero. But based on our results, we would recommend you start saving because it is worth every cent of the investment.

We are currently running a La Marzocco GS3 Coffee Machine with a Niche Zero Coffee Grinder and the quality of the coffee we are getting from our stash of frozen coffee is out of this world.

With no risk of coffee beans going stale, our current freezer selection includes our favourite coffee Hero Blend along with Single Origin Coffees from Honduras, Ethiopia, El Salvador and Colombia. Now that's taking our home coffee selection to a new level all thanks to our trusty friend the freezer.










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