Solid Ground Coffee Roastery

Solid Ground Roasters have connected with long time friend James Pedrazzini, and his amazing roasting team to create our Hero and Hulk Blends, and exclusive Single Origin coffees.

True to its name, Hero is an exclusive, outstanding blend.  We use a combination of beans sourced directly, and at a fair price, from farms in Nicaragua, Brazil and Peru. The farmers take great care to use sustainable growing methods that will preserve the land for future generations. In some instances, we have purchased entire crops, providing a level of exclusivity rarely seen in other coffee blends
Hero guarantees to satisfy all coffee lovers. The unique blend is beautifully balanced, full flavoured and incredibly smooth to drink. Hero has an amazing taste, with hints of bakers chocolate, honey pecans and vanilla.

Ethically Sourced Solid Ground Beans

We are proud that our Hero and Hulk Blends are sustainably grown, 100% traceable, ethically sourced, and driven by relationships with the following coffee farms, 

Nicaragua / Dipilto: 70% of our Dipilto Blend comes from two farms - Los Cipreses & El Amparo. The remaining 30% is sourced from a small Co-Op of Farms by the team at Project Origin. Dipilto is set high in the mountains amongst some of Nicaragua’s highest peaks.
Brazil / Xavantes Lake: Sourced directly from the farms, Fazenda Sao Francisco in Sorocabana Region, and Sitio Teixeira in Norte Pioneiro Region, this coffee is sun dry processed and provides the body of our Hero Blend.

James and the team at his Sunshine Coast based roastery go to extraordinary lengths to maintain quality and consistency. The result is an amazingly consistent blend of coffee which our customers can enjoy time after time.

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