Solid Ground Roasters Launch Feel Good Coffee

Solid Ground Roasters Launch Feel Good Coffee – 9am Wednesday 8th July

A new style of coffee is roasting on the Sunshine Coast - and there’s more to it than meets the eye. Solid Ground Roasters are launching their unique blend of ethically sourced coffee at a special event where everyone can enjoy a free coffee between 5.30am and 10.30am on Wednesday the 8th of July.

Not only does it promise to be a delicious coffee experience filled with hints of honey pecans, bakers chocolate and brown sugar flavours, but you might just find you’ll come away from the experience feeling, good.

For Solid Ground Roasters, the coffee is certainly the hero (which incidentally is the name of their first signature coffee blend). And rightly so, given the depth of experience of founders John and Maree Ratcliffe.

Solid Ground Roasters Our Story

However, while coffee is their specialty, it’s people, relationships and community that drives this duo.

“Solid Ground Roasters for me represents, stability and strong foundations. A solid foundation is something we want for all families in the community. This is really the fundamental backbone for what Solid Ground Roasters represents and something we really connect with,” said founder Maree Ratcliffe.

“We want to build a business where we can increase the level of support we give back, which has always been a key priority for us in our journey as business owners,” said founder John Ratcliffe.

Solid Ground Roasters Our Story SunnyKids

It’s no surprise then that Solid Ground Roasters connected with SunnyKids. With similar values that support the notion of community and a sense of belonging, this ideal partnership is behind the “feel good” part of the coffee. 

Solid Ground Roasters are committed to donating $1 to SunnyKids from every kilogram of coffee roasted. These funds will provide ongoing support to a minimum of 20 at-risk children every year.

Better still, subscribe to Solid Ground Roasters and have the Hero blend delivered as regularly as needed, with $5 from every kilogram also donated to SunnyKids for the life of the subscription.

 “The support of child sponsors, together with our P100 Members and fundraising events enable the delivery of more programs and support to reach more people in need in our community. We couldn’t achieve what we do without their support, said SunnyKids President and board member, Sally Desch.

“It takes a village to deliver the support, tools and environment to enable children to thrive – and our village is making a difference,” explains Ms Desch.

Solid Ground Roasters Our Story Hero Blend 1kg Bag

Solid Ground Roasters plan on helping to make a difference for at-risk children one kilo at a time with their new business venture. 

Solid Ground Roasters will launch their signature Hero blend at Mint Café, 67 Burnett Street, Buderim on Wednesday 8th July 2020. The team will be serving up flavoursome coffee and feel good vibes all morning.


Solid Ground Roasters 

Coffee is Solid Ground Roasters specialty. It is something they live and breathe. And while coffee will always be their hero, people and relationships are also very important. At a local level, Solid Ground Roasters have connected with SunnyKids and will donate $1 from every kilogram of coffee they roast. At an international level, Solid Ground Roasters choose to support farmers that produce coffee to support their families and community. Solid Ground Roasters are launching their first signature coffee blend, Hero. Ethically and sustainably sourced, the blend includes coffees from Nicaragua, Columbia and Brazil.

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SunnyKids connects people and coordinates services for vulnerable Sunshine Coast families in order to make meaningful change. When children and families need help, they present to SunnyKids. Through their resources and programs as well as in partnership with government, private and community sectors they take a wholistic approach to solving problems. SunnyKids is able to identify what a family needs and where to find the right services to deliver positive, life-changing solutions.

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For more information please contact: Maree Ratcliffe on 0421 248 055

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