How to make filter coffee

When you hear the words, ‘filter coffee’, do you instantly think of a waitress in an American diner, walking around with a pot of coffee? Filter coffee has evolved a lot over the years, and is growing in popularity, even in Australia where we may be considered slight coffee snobs. Filter coffee has a light, refreshing taste, is easy to prepare and is a really enjoyable way to experience your coffee.

What is filter coffee?

Filter coffee, also known as ‘pour over’ coffee, is a method of low pressure coffee brewing. It has been the go-to style of coffee in America for years, but it’s becoming increasingly popular in Australia both in cafes and as a home brewing method. Filter coffee can be prepared by using a simple single cup pour over, or by using a batch brewing coffee machine.

What type of grind do I need to make filter coffee?

To make filter coffee at home you will need medium ground coffee. This may vary slightly depending on your equipment, so be sure to read all of the instructions to get the best flavour extraction. This brewing method is perfect for a single origin coffee bean, as the flavour extraction will allow you to appreciate the different notes of the bean. Shop single origin here >

How to prepare filter coffee?

Preparing your filter coffee will differ depending on your equipment, so we recommend always following the instructions provided. However, we do have some tips for making a delicious cup of filter coffee.
  • Once you’ve added the paper filter, make sure you rinse it! This will remove any paper odours and tastes, so make sure you dispose of the rinse water before you start prepping your coffee.
  • Aim for a 1:17 coffee to water ratio, i.e. 1 part coffee to 17 parts water. You can increase the amount of coffee if you find it too weak.
  • Use filtered water to prepare your coffee. This will allow for a more pure, clean taste and will elevate the taste of your coffee.
You may wish to add your choice of milk to your coffee depending on your personal tastes, however, filter coffee is most commonly consumed black.

Tips on cleaning your filter coffee equipment

A single-cup pour-over is super easy to clean. Simply dispose of the coffee grind and paper filter, and hand wash the cone with hot soapy water.

For a batch brewing filter coffee machine, it’s important to wash this after every use. When you’re finished with your coffee, dispose of the coffee grinds and paper filter. Wash removable parts with hot soapy water.

Benefits of filter coffee

Many black coffee drinkers are now opting for filter coffee over their usual espresso. Some of the benefits include: 

Less intense flavour

Filter coffee has a higher water to coffee ratio than espresso, allowing you to experience each of the unique flavours in your coffee. It’s a lighter, more refreshing taste and is perfect for you if you find espresso coffee too strong, or if you feel like a less intense coffee hit.

Good for batch brewing

Filter coffee is a great option for batch brewing if you use a machine. This is perfect for busy households, or office spaces where people are drinking coffee throughout the day. Most coffee brewing methods are more suited to single-serve, so this is where filter coffee rises above the rest.

Easy to prepare

If you’re someone who rushes out of bed to get to work in the morning, filter coffee could be for you. Whether you opt for a single-cup pour over method, or you could choose a machine that includes a timer, making sure your coffee is ready for you when you wake up. Filter coffee is easy to prepare, and is well suited to people living a busy lifestyle or are time poor.

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